My New Blog!

February 20th, 2014 by Chris Fryer

I have created a new blog here: My Robot and Other Stuff

The Problem With Landing Humans on Mars (

November 22nd, 2011 by Chris Fryer

Interesting article I was reading on Wired: The Problem With Landing Humans on Mars

How To Fuck Up Your Kids 101

November 10th, 2011 by Chris Fryer

The other day a friend of mine was reading an article, 6 Progressive Parenting Fads You Won’t Believe Are Legal.

According to the article there are parents out there trying to raise their kids to be androgynous – having no gender stereotypes. I guess it is an ultimate method to eliminate sexism. To create a society that has no sexes. They give their kids gender neutral names such as Ashley and dress them in gender neutral overalls.

The problem with this idea is that goes against reality. There are men and there are women. Some might wish that men could have babies and women could run the 100 metres in 9.58 seconds, but until that day comes there will be some kind of gender divide.

So in reality these people have probably just found an exotic way to fuck their kids up.

The Merchant of Kidney

October 28th, 2011 by Chris Fryer

Here is an interesting article I found on Man Pleads Guilty to Trafficking Kidneys

Does this mean that all the donors have to give their illegally obtained organs back?

Outbreak……Contagion Review

October 26th, 2011 by Chris Fryer

Did somebody say montage?

Contagion is an interesting movie. It mainly consists of numerous montages glued together by a little bit of drama and some rather convincing convulsions by big name actors.

I despaired when in the first scene of the movie a rather tired, ugly and strangely shiny Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on screen. Thankfully, less than 10 min later she was dead. The foaming at the mouth was a nice touch.

After the tragic death of Gwyneth the movie got a little better. Lawrence Fishburn was in it, but sadly he didn’t die.

Midway through I was praying the virus would win and that every single human would die from hilarious, mouth frothing, convulsions and awake moments later as zombies. But alas, it wasn’t that kind of virus – realism intruded.

Other than this, it was a pretty good movie.

3 Christopias

Shark Charged With War Crimes

October 25th, 2011 by Chris Fryer

Sharky McFinnigan is to be extradited to The Hague to face numerous charges including crimes against humanity and terrorism.

Sharky was cornered late last week by a heroic group of fishermen who had tracked him across the southern Indian Ocean.

It is believed Sharky will use the, ‘I was only following instincts,’ defence. This has been compared to the, ‘I was just following orders,’ defence often used by Nazi death camp guards, but is probably better than the, ‘if humans did not want to be eaten why do they taste so good,’ defence used by other shark terrorists.

Human rights groups have been vocal over what they say were harsh interrogation methods used by fishermen and in particular the controversial practice of air boarding. This is where a fish is repeatedly brought to the surface to induce a fear of suffocation.

The head of the anti-fish terrorism task force, Mr Donnie Williams said that, ‘these methods are important tools in the toolbox to prevent the sort of undersea terror that these evil fish are willing to risk their lives to commit.’

A spokesman for celebrities against antiterrorism terrorism John Pilger responded to this saying, ‘now with the extrajudicial slaying of Osama bin laden, and the defeat of the fictitious Al Qaeda the West needs a new scapegoat. Sharks are to be to the West what Jews were to the Nazis.’

Lord Monckton disagrees stating, ‘John is plainly bonkers. Over a period of many years sharks have convinced the majority of us that they need protection. Did you know that in many parts of the world you can be thrown in prison for swearing at a shark? Wait, I’m not finished. These evil sharks are the people behind green movements around the world. Sharks don’t need protection, in fact they have been plotting the downfall of Western civilisation ever since their precious Soviet Union collapsed. Shark protection laws have also caused massive increase in shark numbers and it is this increase and the corresponding increase in fish flatulence that is the real reason behind global warming. I’m afraid, Chris, that the only good shark is a dead shark.’

Sentiments echoed by the Premier of Western Australia the Hon. Colin Barnett, who was heard to say while standing on one of Western Australia’s pristine white beaches, ‘We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the oceans, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender!’

It is not a good day to be a shark.

The Senate Idiot

June 17th, 2010 by Chris Fryer

Senator Steve Fielding’s comments about a so-called loophole in the paid maternity leave scheme has been widely condemned. Sen Fielding said that some women might purposely get themselves pregnant then have an abortion at 20 weeks so they can get paid maternity leave.

Steve Fielding’s comments are wrong on so many levels.

Steve Fielding forgets about women who go through a whole pregnancy and then have to go through a stillbirth. Someone might take months or even years to recover from something like this. Should this person still get maternity leave? Of course they bloody well should.

What about a woman who has a scan at 20 weeks and finds out their baby is hideously deformed and will only live for moments after birth. The kindest thing this woman can do, unless you are a heartless pro-life nutter, is to have an abortion. I personally would want this person to have maternity leave.

Pregnancy is one of the most dangerous undertakings most women are going to go through. It is dangerous for the baby and the mother. Pregnancy is often complicated and there are many reasons why things go wrong. Any legislation of this kind has to come face-to-face with this fact.

Do you know many women who are so evil that they would go through with Steve Fielding’s scheme of defrauding the government? That is incredibly evil- Hitler evil! And to suggest there is a whole horde of evil Hitler women junkies out there just waiting for this legislation is plain ridiculous.

From what I know about junkies it is all about the short term. They need money now, so they can get a hit now. Does a junkie even have the long-term planning to pull something like this off?

Steve Fielding you are an idiot. You have sat back the Family First party years and seriously damaged the pro-life movement. I really hope you never get another Senate term.

Banning smoking – not a good idea.

June 16th, 2010 by Chris Fryer

The proposal by Queensland Minister Steve Dickson to ban smoking is idiotic in the extreme.

It is a popular and frustrating refrain of intelligent people – those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Minister Dickson obviously does not know about the American experience of prohibition.

If you ban something like smoking all you are doing is handing all the revenue over to organised crime. People will still smoke. It will be a serious act of rebellion and become cool again. Not having to pay taxes will make it cheaper too.

A much broader range of people will start to have exposure to organised crime. The same people who sell cigarettes probably sell other drugs as well. With more money to be made there will be more crime.

Banning smoking is a gift to organised crime.

You can think like Minister Dickson and say the government are drug dealers who profit from people’s misery. This is a short sighted and emotional way of looking at it. There is a great deal of fear and emotion mixed up in the so-called war against drugs.

Yes, governments around Australia do receive a hell of a lot of revenue from cigarette taxes. I would much rather governments, legitimate corporations and shopkeepers receive the profits from cigarettes than criminals.

Drug abuse is a very complex problem. Solutions need to be developed using intelligence not emotion. The smoking problem is a balancing act between minimising the number of people taking up smoking, using the taxes raised to help combat the problem and not putting the taxes up so high that it encourages a black market to develop.

Banning smoking does none of these.

Instead of banning smoking they should be considering legalising recreational drugs. Almost all of the points that I have made earlier can be made about recreational drugs.

Wouldn’t you rather people be able to buy marijuana or ecstasy from a legitimate shop run by a legitimate shopkeeper? They would know exactly what they are getting with a greatly reduced chance of poisoning or overdose. The profits could be heavily taxed with a lot more money being put into treatment programs and advertising to discourage drug use.

There would be less people in prison and less crime and probably less people using drugs.

This is not about condoning drug use. It is about taking emotion out of the war against drugs. Solutions require intelligence and logic not a sound bite designed to get your face on the news.

I’m alive!

June 14th, 2010 by Chris Fryer

The surgery went fine. The drugs were damn good by the way. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep for the whole surgery. I was only under sedation so they didn’t put me to sleep I actually fell asleep.

I haven’t been feeling too good the last few days. My stomach is still leaks a bit and I’m still getting used to the new tube in my stomach.

Hopefully I’ll get back to blogging and writing very soon.

Ouch IV: The Final Chapter (I Hope)

May 24th, 2010 by Chris Fryer

I will be going in for minor surgery again on May 26. This should only be day surgery and I will not be gone for long I hope.

This should fix my problem and hopefully I will no longer leak.

Wish me luck.