My Blog is up!

In the words of Dr Nick, “Hello everybody”.
This is my new site, the design is mine, the programing is mine and the database is mine. If anyone steals the design I’ll hunt them down and eat their children.

On a lighter note, all the soft ware developed for this site is available for purchase, check out my business This website will include my rants and raves, all the good shit I discover:movies, reviews, writting, reading, irrelevent stuff, my opinions, and other great stuff.

On the left hand side you can see there are links internal links are all the ones under Pages. The forums can be used by clicking on any of the links under forums. All other links are under here.

I will be happy to share links with anybody. My site will constantly be updated with new features coming soon, such as comments, contact me, about me (VERY INTERESTING), and much more.

Chris Fryer

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